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Procedures for Filming

1. Terms of Use

  • Toyo Bunko was not designed as a special facility for filming, consequently there may be requests that we are unable to meet. We ask that you understand.
    Please see item seven regarding individual filming during visits to the Toyo Bunko.

2. Conditions and stages for getting permission for filming:

  • Please check the regulations for filming (link)
  • Please submit your request on the official request form (link)
  • After we receive your request, the responsible person at Toyo Bunko will contact you and ask you to submit by e-mail a short proposal that includes information on the date you would like to film, how the images will be used, what images you wish to film, and what format you will use to record the images. Since we need time to consider your proposal, please submit the request at least one month before the desired filming date.
  • You will receive an e-mail from us regarding your application. If it is given a tentative approval, and you would like to make a preliminary visit to check on the arrangements before the filming, please contact us.
  • The next stage in the process is to submit our museum’s Filming Application Request Form. The Museum will grant formal approval for the filming at the time this form is submitted.

3. Supervision of filming

  • A member of the Museum staff will always be present, both during your preliminary visit and during the filming. We ask that you comply with any directions they may give.

4. Preparations for filming

  • Please consult with us about bringing large scale cameras, lights and other machines, or if moderators associated with the filming need a room to prepare or change clothes.

5. Please return all facilities or other items to their original state

  • The use of duct tape, nails and screws is forbidden on walls, floors, and the ceiling of the museum.
  • If any property of the museum is damaged, please inform the museum staff immediately.

6.Permissible Times for Filming

  • Filming can be done outside regular museum hours on weekdays, for one hour at a time.
    (This means on weekdays from 9:00~10:00 and 17:00~18:00. In principle we do not allow filming on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays)
  • If you require more time to film, we suggest that you consider filming on Tuesday when the museum is closed; filming can be done between 10:00 and 17:00.
  • In calculating the time required for filming, we count the time from the start of bringing in equipment until the work of cleaning up afterwards is completed.

7. Filming by private individuals as part of their visit to the Museum

**You do not need permission to take photographs for your own use during a visit to the Museum, but we ask that you follow the rules as stipulated below and take care not to cause trouble for other visitors.

【The following activities are forbidden:】

  • Use of flash or strobe
  • Use of a tripod, or stick for taking selfies
  • Spending long time on filming
  • Occupying an exhibition room and blocking other visitors
  • Causing trouble for other visitors
  • Wearing clothes that are not appropriate including those that offend public morals, or expose too much bare skin, or clothes that will make other visitors feel uncomfortable.
  • Taking photographs for commercial or promotional purposes, including still photos of models or of products, or other photos that Museum personnel forbid.

To repeat, taking photos or other filming that is not for personal use, or the sale of photo images taken in the Museum is forbidden. Those who violate these stipulations will be asked to leave the Museum. We ask that you understand these regulations, take care when visiting the Museum, and follow the normal manners and rules when visiting public places.

Only those who have read and agreed to the Regulations with Regard to Filming
in Toyo Bunko can download the application form for filming permission.

Regulations with Regard to Filming in Toyo Bunko

Please see below for information on the use of images of library materials.

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