Reference Materials on
International Exchange

Toyo Bunko has exchange agreements with many overseas research institutes and libraries. The international exchange agreements provide for exchange of research publications and encourage interaction of researchers. We have signed exchange agreements with the following organizations: École française d'Extrême-Orient (France), Academia Sinica’s Institute of History and Philology and Institute of Modern History (Taiwan), Harvard Yenching Institute (United States), Alexandria Library (Egypt), Library, Museum and Document Center of Iran Parliament (Iran), London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies Library (United Kingdom), St. Anne College, Oxford University (United Kingdom), Institute of Han-nom Studies of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (Vietnam), Max Planck Institute (Germany), International Turkic Academy (Kazakhstan), Manchu Culture Institute, Jilin Normal University (China).

In October 2010 Toyo Bunko and the Harvard Yenching Institute signed an international exchange agreement that not only involves the exchange of materials and personnel, but also includes collaborative research and participation in training programs for young scholars.

Toyo Bunko has also organized international symposium, workshops and research meetings with overseas scholars. Some of the meetings have been held in personal, some online, and some have followed hybrid formats.