History of Toyo Bunko History of Toyo Bunko

Brief History

Brief History

  • 1924

    Established as an incorporated foundation

  • 1945

    Library evacuation to Miyagi Prefecture

  • 1948

    Became a branch of the National Diet Library

  • 1953

    Received a donation from the Harvard-Yenching Institute

  • 1954

    Received donations from the Rockefeller Foundation and others

  • 1961

    Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies for UNESCO (CEACS) established

  • 1999

    Signed an agreement with the École française d'Extrême-Orient

  • 2003

    CEACS closed

  • 2006

    Signed an agreement with the Academia Sinica, Taiwan

  • 2010

    Signed an agreement with the Harvard-Yenching Institute and Library

    Signed an agreement with the Library of Alexandria, Egypt

  • 2011

  • 2013

    Authorized as a public interest incorporated foundation