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Guidelines for Use of Visual Images

These guidelines apply to visual images of the Toyo Bunko materials for use in publications, for TV and Web broadcasts, digital books, panels in exhibitions and reprints.

  • Visual images may not be used without the explicit permission of Toyo Bunko.
  • Those wishing to use images for any of the above reasons must make an application to use the materials and receive permission.
  • In case of reprinting from a published work (including producing a new edition), you must make an application for permission to reprint.
  • Please follow the regulations for making applications and gaining permission.
  • It will take about one month to process the application for permission, so please plan accordingly.

Regulations regarding the use of visual images

  • 1. Please do not use the visual images for other than the purpose stated in your application.
  • 2. When using the images, please credit the images as follows: From the collection of the Toyo Bunko.
  • 3. After receiving permission, please pay the required fees. Once the permission has been given, you cannot withdraw the request.
  • 4. Do not change or distort the visual images.
  • 5. Do not share the images without permission or make duplicates for other uses.
  • 6. Please donate a copy of the publication with the visual image. (In the case of use in a catalogue please submit two copies, and for reprint editions, three copies).
  • 7. In the case of TV broadcasts, etc. the permission for use of the image is for one year from the main broadcast. If there are rebroadcasts after the expiration of the one-year limit, please make a new application for use. If the broadcast is made available on an on-demand basis, there will be an additional charge.

For confirmation of the above guidelines and regulations, please check:

Regulations for Reproduction of Materials that will be used in publications, media presentations, exhibitions, or publication of reproductionsPage will open in a new window.

* Web, digital books, and other forms that are distributed digitally follow the guidelines for broadcasts.
* For requests to borrow items for exhibitions, please inquire directly with Toyo Bunko.

Charges for Use of Visual ImagesPage will open in a new window.