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  • 東洋文庫100周年記念連続講演会(第1回)(Robert Bickers教授、2024年1月31日〈土〉)のご案内


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東洋文庫100周年記念連続講演会(第1回)(Robert Bickers教授、2024年1月31日〈土〉)のご案内

東洋文庫では、1月31日(水)午後3~5時に、ブリストル大学副学長のRobert Bickers教授をお招きして、東洋文庫100周年記念連続講演会(第1回)を開催します。

講演者:Professor Robert Bickers
講演タイトル:On the margins and at the heart of empire: the life and world of Charles Percival Archer
Dr. Robert Bickers is now Professor of History, and Associate Vice President for Postgraduate Research at Bristol University, UK.
Professor Robert Bickers is a co-director of the University of Bristol\’s Hong Kong History Centre, the first and the only research centre dedicated to the study of the history of Hong Kong, and directs the \’Historical Photographs of China project\’. He is currently preparing to write a new history of Hong Kong and its peoples as a global city, and has been developing other book projects, one of which is the subject of the talk. He authored six books, most recently \’China Bound: John Swire & Sons, and its World, 1816-1980\’. He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2022.
When Shanghai fell to communist forces in late May 1949, the city\’s Tianlanqiao Prison held one British inmate. In this talk I\’ll introduce the man, his family networks and their reach, and the diverse range of sources I\’ve been assembling, and that still emerge even 26 years after I first encountered this man\’s story. The talk will explore why he was in prison, where he came from, and where he went next, and also what I don\’t know, which is a lot. Frankly, I\’m puzzled: what can I do with all this? I hope that my audience can help me think about how to best draw this material into a satisfactory form.
司会:東洋文庫研究員 濱下武志
討論:上海交通大学人文学院教授 張志雲